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How My Dad’s Timeless Advice Got Me a $15k Raise

My father died when I was 17. Seventeen: Old enough to think I was ready to handle life. Young enough not to know any better.

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How a singer you never heard of sold 150 million records

Some of the most famous bands in rock n’ roll history owe their incredible success and impact to a guy you’ve never heard of.

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The Simple Secret to Creating Lifetime Customers

Discover the power in creating an unbreakable, emotional bond or connection with your clients or customers!

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That Time My Pants Got Pulled Down in Public

One of the more humiliating moments of my life happened in front of several hundred people.

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The Strangest Secret (It’s not what you think it is!)

One of the more profound moments in my life occurred when I listened to a 37-minute recording from a 1950s radio show.

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