John Nemo PhotoJOHN NEMO has spent more than a decade as a professional speaker, presenting to trade associations, businesses, churches and other organizations around the United States on topics including Social Media Marketing, Personal Branding, Self-Improvement and Motivation. Discover John's most popular talks, read audience/organizer testimonials and learn more about his speaking philosophy below!

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Featured Talks

Motivation: How to Achieve the Unthinkable

Word Cloud "Motivation"A recent Gallup poll found that 70 percent of U.S. professionals labeled themselves as "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" at work, costing the economy an estimated $550 billion per year in lost productivity. Even more troubling is that workplace engagement levels have hardly budged since Gallup began measuring them 
in 2000, with fewer than one-third of Americans engaged in their jobs in any given year.

It begs the question: What the heck is going on here?

As profound as this problem has become, there's good news: A simple solution is available! Even better, it's one that won't cost your business or organization more time or money!

Discover the surprising truth about what really motivates employees in the professional workplace and tap into the key factors that will move yourself - and your team - off the sidelines into the game!

Key Audience Takeaways

  • Why many employers using the WRONG motivational tactics (and how to fix the problem)!
  • How to get - and keep - yourself, your co-workers and other employees engaged like never before!
  • The secret to getting - and staying - motivated in your professional (and personal) existence!
  • How any individual can make profound changes using one simple technique!
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Personal Branding: Advantage YOU!

man in suit pointing the fingerIn a professional world where the playing field has never been more crowded, the biggest and most powerful advantage you have over the competition sleeps in your bed and looks at you in the mirror every morning!

Discover not only how to build (or rebuild!) your personal brand from the ground up, but learn how to leverage it to make a difference in the workplace!

Key Audience Takeaways

  • The key building blocks needed to construct a powerful personal brand.
  • Why a high-profile, well-known personal brand benefits both the employee AND the employer.
  • How to make your personal brand stand out from the competition on professional social networks like LinkedIn.
  • The secret weapon that everyone has access to – but almost nobody uses – to build a killer personal brand.
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Paul Omodt

Dynamic. Insightful. Funny. Worth every minute! John is a powerhouse speaker who engages and inspires his audience!

Paul Omodt Omodt & Associates
Michelle Perry

John’s material was really well presented. He’s very energetic, keeps things interesting, honest and moves the presentation along … we found great value in our time together!

Michelle Perry Haworth, Inc.
Joni Ketter

John totally rocked it! He brought passion, humor, entertainment … AND delivered incredible insight and information!

Joni Ketter National Education Asosciation
Louis Suarez

John had the audience captivated on his every word. His use of humor, audience interaction and expert knowledge kept the crowd engaged and incredibly informed!

Louis Suarez Colliers International

John Nemo's Speaking Style + Approach

Nemo Headshot 2My Style

I use what I call "info-tainment" (information + entertainment) to help people turn their passion into a paycheck!

I utilize my passion, personality and unique forms of storytelling to inform, engage and inspire others to transform their true calling into a sustainable income or career path.

I deliver:

  • Messages that motivate.
  • Stories that inspire.
  • Content that captures your heart.
  • Practical, actionable takeaways that anyone can implement immediately.

How it Works

Fire fistI want to go beyond simple tips and techniques on how to be more efficient or how to write a good cover letter. Rather, I’m after your HEART, the very reason you were put on this planet! I’m all about inspiring you to really understand that not only CAN you achieve your deepest dreams, but that you also MUST in order to really have a happy, satisfied life and career.

Using my personal story, outgoing personality and creative, compelling storytelling and speaking, I am going to tap into your heart’s deepest desires and show you that making your dreams come true isn’t just necessary for you, but for the rest of us as well!

What Makes Me Different?

I'd say its my level of honesty, vulnerability and transparency when it comes to sharing my own story, along with my creativity in terms of the content I create – written, audio, video and visual -  and how I use all of it to keep an audience engaged and energized.

Who I Want To Speak To

bored and tired woman behid the tableAnyone who is bored, uninspired or unhappy with his or her life and/or career. People who are just going through the motions, working for a paycheck, secretly dying on the inside because they aren’t passionate about their life and their work. Or people who have unexpectedly been forced into a career transition - laid off, let go or left out.

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