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The Night That Changed My Life

I still remember the terror in my heart as I approached a woman with the most beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes Id ever seen.

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The Greatest Lie Ever Told

To the naked eye, this janitor was just cleaning the building, but in the more mythic, larger story unfolding around him, he was helping put a man on the moon.

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Youre Fired: Why all the talent in the world wont save your job

So I had coffee recently with the CEO who fired me a few years ago. I still remember being floored at being fired. I knew Id made a big mistake at the time after a long-running dispute with a high-up exec (over the use of Social Media, of all things!) spilled over into a group…

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Why people you listen to (might be) full of malarkey

Theres only one individual who can paint an accurate portrayal of what you are or are not capable of achieving in your life and career. (And it isnt your high school guidance counselor!)

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Why I Cried For 8 Minutes Straight Yesterday

I shook and I wept and I blubbered because I heard the two most significant things every human being on this planet yearns to hear!

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