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What Others Are Saying

You need to be Fired Up! in order to be successful in this hyper-competitive world. This book will help you to get there. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The material was compelling and the presentation was excellent. I encourage others to read this book. You can thank me later!

Jon Clayton

Fired Up is an amazing and quite possibly a life-changing book for those that read it. John Nemo does a masterful job of pulling from stories, quotes, and personal experience to inspire you to start you own journey. I wish I had read this twenty years ago. Thank you, John!

Christopher Miller

John presents an unexpected, kick-in-the-pants view of life in Fired Up. He does this not just by "preaching" what you should or shouldn't do in life, business, love, etc., but by providing some personal and at times painful examples of what he has learned through his own life experiences. John doesn't just talk the talk....he lives his message.

For those folks who think that their best or most productive days are behind them, or for those folks who have experienced setbacks such as physical/emotional trauma, accidents, bankruptcy, divorce, etc.....this is the book for you. Read it and get fired up to go out and live life on your own terms. As the saying goes, "If you're going to die your own death, you might as well live your own life."

Halina Zakowicz

Fired Up is an inspirational and deeply personal account of how to find your passion in life and gives actionable steps to help turn that passion into a paying job. Nemo takes an authentic and witty approach to share his story -- from the death of his father to quoting Vanilla Ice, The Matrix and the Bible, Fired Up reminds us that we all have gifts that we owe the world. I have a goal of writing my own book one day and this guide was very helpful to inspire action and forward movement for my dream.

Christie Denson

John Nemo’s latest book, FiredUp! Ignite Your Passion, Love Your Work, Live Your Legacy, will take you down a rabbit hole of laughter, tears and wonderment as he weaves his personal stories with questions for you on how to live a bigger, more purpose-driven life. FiredUp! is all about celebrating your UNIQUE story, taking risks and finding the courage to live a life that will blow your mind! I would highly recommend this book to a recent college graduate, sales professional, entrepreneur, retiree or anyone who chooses to live a big BOLD life! A must read!

Judy Zimmer

John’s book could not have come at a more appropriate time in my professional career. He provides great, basic advice about overcoming the career struggles many of us inevitably face, and does so in way that leaves you feeling as if you just received sage advice from a wise old friend. Excellent book. My only complaint is that I wished it was longer!